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about our company

Leading the way in Practical IT Solution

We Understand More Than You Imagine

Cloud Space Technology Solutions Co. Ltd (Cloud Space VN) is a newly established company but we are a collection of outstanding individuals in the industry. After finding a common voice and direction, we gathered to create Cloud Space VN, where our solutions provide the values that businesses need.

Public Cloud Team

Public Cloud is a service portfolio for Cloud Space's Managed Services. With Cloud Space, we offer the best quality for the services you get.


why choose Public Cloud?

Our Solutions
Help You Succeed

We provide staff with expertise in system and infrastructure operations as well as IT service delivery processes to help customers feel secure about the quality of managed services.

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our services

We Offer a Wide Variety of Public Cloud and Private Cloud Services

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services are tailored to meet your needs, from employee endpoint management solutions to full management of your complex IT infrastructure. Our services include AWS Cloud and VMware.

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Public Cloud Adoption

Solutions to take advantages of cloud infrastructure to reducing cost, mitigating risk and achieving scalability of data base capabilities. Depends on your need, we will consult the public cloud or private cloud.

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Professional Engineers

Our highly skilled and experienced support engineers provide you with solutions that are easily scalable to meet your demands; or with our Advisory service, we can consult to you even more.

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Cloud Connectivity

Provide an advanced leased line solution for businesses through a simple, efficient and secure connection to service applications, based on the most popular cloud computing providers on the market.

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Cloud CDN & Security

A customized product package includes Cloudflare's most advanced tools, 24×7 email/ticket & phone support & 100% uptime.

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Office Collaboration & Productivity

Google Workspace solutions for business seamlessly integrate everything needed for you and your team to get work done in one place.

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With a cup of coffee, we can have a chat and provide our public cloud consultation!

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our vision & mission

Our Cloud Space, Your Cloud Ways.

Our vision is to become one of the largest Managed Service Providers for Cloud-based (both Public Cloud and Private Cloud) & Open-source solutions in Vietnam and regional countries.

Our mission is to provide the “space” for the clients and also the “ways” for their system to run smoothly. Cloud Space aims to deliver the best quality of services to our clients.

  • Provision additional IT resources on demand after you are initially set up and ready to consume
  • Scale the infrastructure up or down across multiple configurations
  • Reduce capital outlay for infrastructure investments
  • Have peace of mind with our hardened security platform
  • Transform, modernize, and manage with our end-to-end services
  • Enjoy a service-level agreement maintained by Cloud Space at the environment level of 99.0% to 99.999% availability, depending on service configuration
  • Leverage the benefits of our automation, economies of scale and global best practices
  • Select the right base and optional service features so you can build the best solution for your business


We might be small, but we are mighty!

Before the company was established, our team had the following typical implementation and managed services for the following projects.

Our Managed Services

Cloud Space Managed Services for Virtual Private Cloud provides infrastructure services without the high cost of owning and managing your own equipment or data center.

This multi-tenant cloud services platform is designed and built for large organizations and can therefore accommodate high-end applications, such as SAP® and Oracle. It’s one of the only cloud platforms that is both physically and virtually hardened against attacks and viruses; a layer of insulation protects your organization from severe outages and data loss.

We offer both virtual and physical server configurations, tuned for your application workloads. Our approach offers application optimization, the benefits of an operating expense model, and faster implementation of cloud services. Your organization will also benefit from automatic and seamless improvements to the latest technology and security.

Cloud Space’s virtual cloud solutions include:

  • Cloud Space Managed Services for VMware is an integrated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution. It consists of market leading hardware, software and services that provide the agility, speed and security needed to compete in the digital economy. This single-tenant service is available from either a customer-owned, Cloud Space or third-party location and addresses regional data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.
  • Cloud Space Managed Services for VMware Cloud on AWS combines the flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services’ bare metal services with a dedicated, managed vSphere-based environment that enables customers to migrate to a cloud model without the time and cost of transforming applications. Our integrated services for VMware Cloud on AWS provide a single management and support structure, as well as a dedicated flexible customer portal with optional backup and virus protection services.
  • Expertise— Cloud Space cloud strategy, investments and 45+ cloud professionals deliver tangible results and mitigate risk.
  • Technology and high availability/ resiliency— Cloud Space provides an open and extensible secure architecture, network and multi hypervisor support for traditional physical and virtual servers. Active/active cloud sites provide up to 99.995% SLA uptime required by mission-critical workloads. We also offer disaster recovery solutions from 03 different Data Centers across Vietnam and multiple regions around the world with low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  • Full lifecycle of services— Cloud Space is the only vendor that delivers the full lifecycle of cloud services: advisory, transformation and integration. Advisory and transformation services provide fact-based, industry-relevant assessments and realistic options for IT transformations using cloud services that deliver rapid business value and technology innovation.
  • Data sovereignty, compliance, data privacy and low latency— Customers can choose from regionalized clouds (private and virtual private) to run in-country applications for data sovereignty and data privacy with low latency.
  • Certifications— These include FedRAMP, HIPAA Impact Level 3 (IL3), ISO 27001, PCI and SOC 1.
  • Flexible managed cloud services— Customers have a choice of secure Cloud Space managed services, including physical and virtual servers, storage, OS, middleware, databases, and enterprise applications. Managed backup and recovery services are also available for protecting your data.

Based on the degree of support you need from Cloud Space VN, we offer two service levels.

With our Advisory service level, you get access to our tooling and guidance while you manage your AWS cloud on your own. Whether you have existing AWS proficiency or are building it, the Advisory service level gives you full control, with our specialized expertise available when you get stuck.

Hands-on device management and services like monitoring and patching are not included. If you want Cloud Space VN to provide hands-on management of your cloud and its infrastructure, you can move to our Fully Managed service level at any time.

With your application live in the cloud, our team continues to manage and optimize your environment. As new technologies become available and new challenges are revealed, we will work with you to make your cloud even better.


1. Tickets: Our ticketing system ( is our primary means of communication, plus it acts as a repository of information about your account. Each ticket represents a problem to be addressed or a decision that has been made.

2. Phone / Zalo Our AWS support engineers are available for phone support 24/7/365.

Scope of Work

We empower you to utilize the cloud more effectively and with the assurance that experts are on your side.

Our support for digital agencies and enterprises covers web hosting, providing a foundation of experience and culture suited to transitioning your business to the cloud. With our AWS certified team with long experience, we believe in helping enterprises adapt to the digital transformation.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to applying this expertise specifically toward your business objectives. Our guidance comes with a refined knowledge of the particulars of AWS: Utilizing its best practices, we work to build well-architected, secure solutions to accommodate your unique requirements. We understand the challenges you will face and the opportunities you have. So, in getting you to proven solutions, our guidance is both clear and decisive.

Our Managed Services are delivered in both AWS Cloud and Vietnam Cloud (VN Cloud). Below is our proposals:

1. Managed Services for AWS:

2. Managed Services for VN Cloud:

1. Scope of Work for AWS Cloud Managed Services:

2. Scope of Work for VN Cloud Managed Services:

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